This class is part of the Open-Educational Resources initiative developed by Lehman College, City University of New York, and maintained by Associate Professor Sharon Jordan on the CUNY Academic Commons. Lehman College students enrolled in the course for credit will access their course materials on this website, the contents of which are freely accessible to anyone. Students will find additional materials on the class Blackboard site, which requires enrollment in the course.

Each week, it is advised that you read over all of the weekly instructions and assignment materials before beginning your study of the weekly content so that you have an overview of the various tasks and assignments required and can gauge how much time it will take to complete everything for the week.

Weekly Materials and Assignments: Click on the week and date of the most recent in-person class in order to prepare materials for the following class session. For example, after class 1 on August 29, you will be clicking on the link ‘week 1 / August 29’ in order to read materials and prepare content for use in class 2.

  • Week 1
  • Click above for week 1 / January 30 for the assignment for next class: Introductory Materials
  • Week 2
  • Assignment week 2 / February 6: Introduction to Modern Art and Impressionism
  • Week 3
  • Assignment week 3 / February 13: La Belle Epoque: Symbolism & Post-Impressionism
  • Week 4
  • Assignment week 4 / February  20: Fauvism / Met Museum assignment #1 due in two weeks (review any material, including Impressionism, Post-Impressionism and Symbolism if necessary)
  • Week 5
  • Assignment week 5 / February 27: Visit the Met Museum and complete Met Museum Assignment #1 (due class 6 / March 6)
  • Week 6
  • Assignment week 6 / March 6: German Expressionism
  • Week 7
  • Assignment week 7 / March 13: Cubism
  • Week 8
  • Assignment week 8 / March 20: preparation and review for midterm exam next class
  • Week 9
  • Assignment week 9 / March 27: Italian Futurism and Russian Constructivism
  • Week 10
  • Assignment week 10 / April 3: Dada and De Stijl
  • Week 11
  • Assignment week 11 / April 10: Surrealism
  • Week 12
  • Assignment week 12 / April 17: Abstract Expressionism
  • Week 13
  • Assignment week 13 / May 1: Pop Art and Minimalism
  • Week 14 
  • Assignment week 14 / May 8: preparation and review for Final Exam on class 15 / May 22

This section of Introduction to the History of Modern Art is a hybrid course, meeting for an hour and twenty minutes in the classroom and with these weekly assignments outside of the classroom providing another hour and twenty minutes minimum of engagement with the course material. In class, we will use these weekly writing assignments and exercises as the basis for in-class discussion and group work to review and verify everyone’s understanding of the content.

We will do many readings and videos from http://www.smarthistory.org, which is part of the Khan Academy academic website. We will also utilize content from the website’s of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (www.metmuseum.org) and the Museum of Modern Art (www.moma.org). Bookmark and explore these sites for use throughout the semester.