Week 7 / October 24: preparation and review for midterm exam

Edvard Munch (Norway, 1863 – 1944), The Scream, 1893, oil on canvas

Maybe this is how you feel when you think about the midterm?

Midterm Exam Preparation

This week, your assignment is to review your notes and review the midterm powerpoint to prepare for the midterm exam. The midterm exam takes place in class next week and consists of two parts:

  1. a series of short answer questions related to artworks on the midterm study powerpoint that will cover each of the styles and movements studied so far this semester and;
  2. a short comparative essay between Fauvism and German Expressionism, in which you will compare and contrast two different artworks based on their similarities and differences in terms of both subject matter and formal characteristics and in terms of how information is conveyed through the artworks in relation to the artist’s goals and ideas.

Midterm exam takes place next week (class #8).