Week 8 / March 20: midterm exam preparation

Famous oil on canvas painting by Edvard Munch depicting a person screaming on a walkway near a body of water with a orange sky in the background Edvard Munch (Norway, 1863 – 1944), The Scream, 1893, oil on canvas

Maybe this is how you feel when you think about the midterm? If you have done the weekly readings and note-taking assignments, you should be in good shape.

Midterm Exam Preparation

This week, your assignment is to review your notes and various assignments to review for the midterm. The midterm exam takes place in class next week and will take the entire class.

The exam consists of two parts:

  1. a series of short answer questions related to any of the terms, ideas and concepts and artists and styles studied since week 1 through Cubism (85 points); Material from Rodin and the Symbolists discussion will not be included on the exam.
  2. identifying artworks by artists  (15 points). You will be provided with a list of artist’s last names and you will match their name to one of the artworks projected during the exam. Since you will be provided with a list of names, you do not have to memorize spelling. You should think about the most representative artwork by each of the individual artists or artworks that have been discussed in the readings and in class as significant reflections of their goals and ideas or the movements and styles they are associated with.